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IX & X


              IX & X ( Science)

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)))))  This year according to BSEK Practical Exams will be before Theory exams.

)))))  Practical Exams will held from 1-3-2012 to 19-3-2012

))))) THEORY exams will start from 5th Apr for X and from 19th Apr for IX.

))))) Timing will be 9:00 A.M to 12:00 Noon

))))) Enrollment Card will be issued from BSEK From 23rd March to 26th March.

))))) Schedule 

 English 19th Apr
 Islamiat 5th Apr
 Pak. St
 23rd Apr
 English 10th Apr
 Chemistry 25th Apr
 Urdu 12th Apr
 Computer 28th Apr
 Maths 14th Apr
 Biology 2nd May
 Physics 17th Apr
Sindhi 5th May









     IX & X ( General )